Monday, April 12, 2010

Free Planet Earth Episode!

Planet Earth, a top-rated documentary series, is now available on iTunes!  And if you're a US resident, you can download the first episode in the 11-part series, "Pole to Pole," for free in your choice of SD or HD format - from April 12 - 26, 2010.

We don't have TV reception where we live, so I haven't experienced the show yet, but everything I've read about this series is terrific.  "Series producer Alastair Fothergill and his team spent four years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 71 cameramen filming across 204 locations in 62 countries to capture the ultimate portrait of our planet."  This is definitely something I will be downloading to help celebrate Earth Day.

I don't know for sure how the series might conflict with a 6-day-creation perspective - (I personally don't believe in trying to shelter my daughter from the billions-of-years world view, but rather helping her understand and deal with it) - but the Christian reviews I've read state that the emphasis of the show is the breathtaking natural beauty of our planet.  What better way to illustrate the awesomeness of its Creator?!

Happy Watching!

Posted by Jane at Mozi Esmé