Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kindle Freebies

I am in BIG trouble!

I'm a little overwhelmed with books at the moment - my husband wants to calculate how long it will take me to fill up the entire house wall-to-wall-to-ceiling at the rate they are coming in. I've decided not to take on any more reviews until I get more caught up with the review books already on my shelf. (We'll see how long that lasts, since my addictions tend to lie towards the literary side of things.)

But I just so happened to acquire an iPod Touch a few weeks ago, and ACCIDENTALLY stumbled on the free Kindle for iPhone app tonight. Yes, I knew it was out there, but didn't make an effort to get too close. After all, I'm not a big fan of ebooks or anything.

But I've fallen in love with this little iPod Touch of mine. And when I saw that there were Kindle books for free on Amazon, I had to download them. Just for that odd occasion when I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and have run out of books to read, mind you.

So I've got FOUR books waiting to be read. And because I wouldn't want y'all to run out of reading material or anything, and I know you have tons of free time like I do, here are the links to these free Christian fiction books:


Jennifer said...

I have a Kindle and have been loving all the free books I can get. I still haven't spent my$10 Kindle gift card that came with it!

The free books change regularly so get them when you see them (I picked these 4 up on the 2nd). And you can also turn PDF ebooks into files that can be read on the Kindle as well.