Friday, May 21, 2010

Thoughts of a Sojourner

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Today's introduction is to Mark, who authors the blog Thoughts of a Sojourner I was blessed to run into his blog early on in my book blogging adventure, and I appreciate his candid book reviews and thoughts on the Christian book industry in general.

How would you describe your blog?
I originally started blogging to write about what was on my mind - things about family, church, serving God, etc. After a while, I got started reviewing Christian books, and that has pretty much become the focus of my blog. I still blog about those other things, but not as often.

I got the name of my blog, Thoughts of a Sojourner, from a song titled "I Don't Belong", which talks about as Christians, we don't belong here on earth, but are "foreigners singing a sojourner's song." I always loved the song, and that phrase, so I used it as my blog name..

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for about 5 years. I started on Xanga, then moved to Blogger.

Tell us about yourself:
Not much to tell. :-) I'm single, Christian, think I have a good sense of humor - love to tell jokes and funny stories. Currently working at a grocery store. I have no kids of my own, but have 3 nieces and 3 nephews that I am crazy about. I play the piano, but rarely nowadays.

What are some of your favorite things?
I love anything to do with the Chronicles of Narnia, including the two movies that have been recently made.

My favorite style of music is Southern Gospel - favorite artists are the Booth Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band, Jeff & Sheri Easter, the Hoppers.

In books, my favorites would probably be the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury.

Travel destinations - the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Lancaster County, PA are favorite vacation spots.

Which genre most appeals to you, and why?

In music - Southern Gospel. I love the country sound, and country music lyrics just don't do much for me, so the obvious choice is Southern Gospel.

In books - suspense/mystery. I grew up reading and re-reading the Hardy Boys books and anything similar. As an adult, I still love that genre, but don't read much secular due to language, etc, so it has been great how many Christian suspense/mystery novels there are now.

What advice do you have for other book bloggers?
Try to review books that interest you.

Be honest, but kind. I firmly believe in being honest, and if there are things I don't like in a book, I will say so, but will also try to find something good, and to be kind about what I didn't like.

Get a facebook and Twitter account and link your blog to them. It helps draw more traffic to your blog.

Comment on other people's blogs - that also helps draw more traffic.

Thanks, Mark, for sharing with us!  Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday!

No linky today, but be sure to stop by Mark's blog to say hi (and Happy Birthday)!

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Mark said...

Thanks for featuring me, Jane, and also thanks for advertising my giveaways and other bloggers'.

Linda said...

Cool blog title and it's source! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Carole said...

Mark, I've followed your blog for several months now, and I always enjoy your book reviews.

It's great to learn more about you personally through this interview. I'm a church pianist and I also love Southern Gospel, just wish we did more of it at my church! I've never been to the Outer Banks, but it's a beautiful area. Cape Cod and the Maine coast are areas that draw me the most, and I would move there if my family would go with me!

Christa said...

He is a great and interesting blogger--and a good friend! I would reccomend anyone reading his blog for an interesting read.
Thanks for featuring Mark!!