Friday, May 7, 2010

Bulletin Board Coming Up!

Attention, fellow book bloggers!

We've been putting together some weekly features, starting next week, and we've decided that we're going to live up to our tagline of being a "bulletin board."

There will be a linky at the bottom of each feature post.  Each day will be a chance to link up a different type of post.  And we'll leave the links open for a week, so you can link up at any time to the lastest feature post.

Monday:  Winning Kids.  This is your chance to link up a children's book review or other reading-related post.

Tuesday:  Winning Families.  We'll be taking links for family book-related posts:  parenting, marriage, relationships, etc.

Wednesday:  Winning Stuff.  This is an anything-goes day.  You can link up any (clean) book-related or reading-related post...

Thursday:  Winning Fiction.  Here's where you can link up (clean) fiction-related posts.  Christian fiction book reviews very welcome!

Friday:  Winning Blogs.  We'll be featuring one book blog each week.  There won't be a linky here, but we'll welcome blog nominations in the comments!

We've got lots of openings for guest posters, so please let me know (winningreadings at gmail dot com) if you're interested!  On the days we don't have a guest post lined up, I will still post the linky so you all can link up.

A few requests on the links: 
  • Please link directly to a specific post, not to your blog.
  • The post should be reasonably recent (within the last month).
  • Only one link per blog on each linky.  Pick your favorite!
  • And only one link per your post.  In other words, if you linked up a kids' post on Monday, don't link it again Wednesday and then again the following Monday.
  • We'd love to have you link back to Winning Readings from your post, but that is optional.
The giveaway postings will continue as always.

Looking forward to doing some blog hopping next week!

(Suggestions and submissions ALWAYS welcome.)

Posted by Jane at Mozi Esmé