Friday, January 20, 2012

Winning Blog: Memorable Children's Books & Gifts

We are restarting our blog feature this year, and we're starting with more of a website than a blogbe spotlighted is...

Tell us a little about yourself, Ella...
I was born in England in 1967. Studied in Nigeria and London and majored in Fine Arts and Education.  In London, I worked for Her Majesty the Queen as a Civil Servant in different departments of the Home Office for 10 years, from Administrative Assistant to Executive Officer. I then moved to the United States in 2006. I live with my husband in Florida and have my own business Memorable Children Books & Gifts.
Tell us about your blog...
Mymcbooks Blog is a blog about books and promoting reading. I also interview old/new and upcoming authors/illustrators. The best part of my blog is giving. I love to give and giving away books to children is a great feeling.
When/how did you start blogging?
I started my blog Mymcbooks in 2009 to help promote my website Memorable Children Books & Gifts. I was new to blogging then and didn’t know what I was doing or how blogging worked, until I met Tina Peterson - The Book Lady of Ubourne Books is a great help.
What is your favorite book/author?
I don’t have a favorite book or author. But I love reading “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Sit Still! By Sharon Lester.”
What about some other favorites:
Movie: Rush Hour 1-3 and Matrix 1-3.
Song: Second Chance by EL DeBarge
Food: Rice and Hot Wings
Drink: Sobe Green Tea
Season: Summer
Place: I have traveled a lot but really don’t have a favorite place.
Person: My uncle Scott
Do you have a favorite/feature product on your blog?
Yes, the Mymcbooks Birthday Library. This program provides books free (no random selection) to children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old who are register. They will receive a book once every year on their birthday till they turn 5. I now have over 25 names on my Birthday list and since we started in July we have given away 16 books to 16 children for their birthday, a gift from Mymcbooks Birthday Library and the authors who provided copies of their books for this program. I pray more parents sign up to the program.
What advice do you have for parents to increase their joy and interest in learning/education?
Parents should make sure their child is reading the books they have. Old books should be donated and new ones brought. Education is not only important but critical to our children’s development as individuals. Development leads to a successful future and we must ensure that our children must have a quality education. If the child doesn’t have the basic comprehension in reading, it can slow down or hinder his or hers’ learning in all subjects.
What advice do you have for other bloggers?  
Keep on blogging…LOL!

Thanks Ella!  Be sure to visit her blog here, or check out her business website here!


Annette W. said...

El DeBarge! Haven't heard that name in years!

I love this new feature!

I will share about the birthday books on FB! Fabulous idea.