Friday, October 1, 2010

Winning Blog:

Welcome to Carman, an unusual 18-year-old...

How would you describe your blog?

My first blog, A Sequence of Continuous Delights, is a one-book-giveaway-per-week, book review, author interview, and random funny things blog.

My second blog, Christian Book Giveaways, is a one-stop-shopping site where anyone can find book giveaways in the Christian genre that interest them.

How long have you been blogging?

My first blog’s anniversary was actually September 14th!! :D I’m really excited about it. So one year total.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m an unusual eighteen year old girl. I read a lot, like knitting and other crafts, and love to spend as much time with my friends as possible. I’m currently doing my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college at the same time. When I “grow up” I want to be a blogging, book reviewing, stay-at-home mom of as many kids as I can have.

What are some of your favorite things?

I have too many favorite books to list them all, but some of my favorite movies would be Pride and Prejudice, North and South (with Richard Armitage), and other BBC movies. I like all kinds of music, and I love to dance. I want to travel all over the world, but especially Europe one day.

Which genre most appeals to you, and why?

Romance. Definitely. I think I like romance because of the same reasons that author Julie Lessman does. The romance genre shows how Christ is the ultimate “romancer” of our hearts. I love that!

What advice do you have for other book bloggers?

Be excellent. Do your very best in all things, and honor God with your blog and your time. He will ALWAYS reward that. :D

Thanks, Carman, for joining us here at Winning Readings today!

No linky today, but be sure to pop by A Sequence of Continuous Delights and Christian Book Giveaways to say hi!  Nominations for future Winning Blogs are always welcome.

Have a blessed weekend!


Julie Lessman said...

Great interview, Carman and Winning Readings Blog!! And, boy, you nailed it when you said Carman is "an unusual 18-year-old..."

I knew she was something special when she e-mailed me last year (when she was 16, I'm thinking, almost 17??) to tell me she wanted to start a blog and wondered if I would do an interview for it (I think I was your first interview, wasn't I, Carman, you poor thing??).

Anyway, I was shocked when you said "I’m currently doing my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college at the same time." I mean, HOW does one do that???

Good luck to you and your blogs in your 2nd year of blogging!!


Carman said...

Julie! LOL. You weren't THE first, but you were one of the very first. (First five I believe.)

It's called Concurrent Enrollment, and it just means that while doing your Junior and/or Senior year of high school, you are taking some college classes also. Right now, I'm taking 2 college, and 3 high school classes.

Thank you Dearest! :D

Carman said...

And, thanks for posting this Winning Readings! Your blog is certainly a WIN. ;)

Renee said...

I began blogging for many reasons, but one was to connect with others who love Christian books. Carman's websites have helped me do that. Thanks, Carman!

Carman said...

Renee~ I'm so glad to hear that! You're certainly welcome! :D