Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winning Kids: Read Alouds

Read Alouds 
by Shannon

The Amazing Trail of Seymour SnailWhen we found this book sitting on our library's display shelf, I knew it would become a instant favorite in our house. I hope you like it as much as we do. This is a great short chapter book with only 64 pages, leaving you plenty of time to make your own family art date to create lots of masterpieces.

Seymour has always dreamed of being a great artist. But he’s shy about showing his artwork and, being a snail, he’s slow. Who will hire him? When Seymour finds a job at the Speedy Arts Gallery, he is thrilled— until he finds himself sliming envelopes shut and delivering packages. Well, even great artists have to start somewhere. And who knows? Seymour’s big break might be just around the corner!

Family Art Date
  • Creating Masterpieces: You can do art with your family using all kinds of media, or just stick to one. My girls LOVE to paint on real artist canvases. We get them on sale at our local Hobby Lobby quite often, or use their 40%-off coupons. If you don't want to use paint and canvas, use crayons and paper. Anything is fun when the whole family sits down to create art at the same time.
  • Fieldtrip to Local Art Museum: My girls LOVE going to the art museum. Before you start exploring, go to the gift shop and buy several postcards of different paintings. I have the girls pick out 2 or 3 each. Then we begin the scavenger hunt to find the paintings. Another fun activity and free activity is to make up a scavenger hunt check list of items you might find in a painting: dancer, cow, 1 color, sculptor, etc. and have them search for those items.
Some great books for parents to help foster your child's natural attraction to creating art:
~Shannon, aka Gidget and Froggi's Mom, blogs over at Welcome To Our Wonderland, where you'll find lots of book-related activities and book reviews.

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