Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winning Families: Wordless Book Spotlight

Wordless Book Spotlight
by Shannon

Want to turn your schoolager or even preschooler into a storyteller?  It's easy to get the juices flowing and create a spark with wordless picture books.


  • Wordless Picture book

  • Notebook paper

  • Pencils
To Do:

  • Have your schoolager look through the wordless book first all the way through
  • Then have them write a story to go with the pictures, page by page.
  • After they are done, have them read the story as you flip through the pages.
Not only is this a great writing exercise to keep those school skills up, but they have fun, get the creative writing juices flowing, and if they have younger siblings they can get into the act too. :)

This has become a favorite activity for my oldest! We have a huge stack of wordless picture books for her to create her own stories for. Not only is she having fun, she is keeping and improving her writing skills.
You can also do this with a younger child and preschooler: You are the writer; they are the narrator.  Have them look at the pictures and tell you what they think is happening on each page.  Or give them writing prompts for each page if they are stumped and not sure what to say. Once they get started, they usually have no problem telling you all about the story.

Yellow Umbrella (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards))A Household Favorite:

We listened to the wonderful cd full of classical music and made great book covers for our Yellow Umbrella storybook:

Yellow Umbrella by Dong Il Sheen and Jae-Soo Liu

We made a cover for our Yellow Umbrella by painting water color paper with water colors, then placing saran wrap (plastic wrap) over the painting. After the painting was dry, we peeled off the plastic wrap and glued on a yellow tissue paper circle for the umbrella.

Some other favorite wordless books:
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