Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Winning Stuff: Giveaway Books

Jane here...

Next up on the Q&A session about reviews & giveaways:

Q:  Where do you get your giveaway books from?  Can I give away a review copy or ARC?

A:  Most of my giveaways are review copies.  It's kind of a mission of mine to pass along the good stuff!  I've got overloaded bookshelves as it is.  (Actually - I don't have much in the way of bookshelves; I've got overflowing boxes!)

Occasionally a publisher/publicist does offer a giveaway copy as well as the review copy.  (There are a few that seem to consistently do so, such as Hachette and HarperCollins.  Any other suggestions, readers?) 

And it doesn't hurt to ask for an extra copy if you're so inclined!

As for whether you are "allowed" to give away a review copy, that answer would be a yes.  Most publicists/publishers/authors appreciate the additional exposure the book gets because of your giveaway!  I believe the only restriction on most review copies is that you can't sell them.

Of course, it's probably polite to let the giveaway entrants know the condition of the book they are entering to win.  Is is an ARC, or a final copy?  Any marks or obvious use? 
It's anything goes today!  Here's your place to link up any "clean" book-related post of your choice!  Check the rules if you've got questions.

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Elizabeth said...

This site is adorable and so well organized.

I am following you and going to put you as one of my favorite blogs.