Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ChristianBookVideos giveaway is having another FaceBook Fan Book Giveaway!

Here is how it works:

They are going to give away a book for every 25 new Facebook fans they get this week (August 22-28). Christian Book Videos will give away a free book every time their Facebook fan numbers reach a new milestone.

Specifically, they'll give away one book when they reach 250 fans, 275, 300, and 325. So be sure to tell your FaceBook friends to check them out and become our fan.

Each book will be given away by Facebook post. They'll post a giveaway by Facebook update at a random time, and the first person to post a response will get the book. Limit one book per fan for this week.
If you haven't become their fan on Facebook yet, just visit their page at

If you are a fan, be sure your friends are made aware of them. If every fan recruits one new fan, they'll easily meet their goal!