Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jake the Snake

Jake the Snake and the Stupid Time-Out ChairA message from Shelly Nicholson, author of Jake the Snake books:

Between now and April 30, 2010...stop by my website,, check it out and sign my guest book. Leave your website url or your email address (so I can contact you) and have your name entered to win a signed copy of Jake the Snake and the Stupid Time-Out Chair.

"Jake the Snake is a rambunctious kindergartner who is always getting into mischief! And when that happens he is sent to the stupid time-out chair. Jake is scared Santa is watching and will bring a stupid lump of coal for Christmas. 'Cause Christmas isn't far away! When Jake the Snake drowns his brother's pet lizard in chocolate sauce, he is really afraid. But things only get worse when Jake the Snake goes to the mall to visit Santa and barfs in the mall elf's hat! Will Jake the Snake get a stupid lump of coal for Christmas? Or will Santa forgive him for all the anugthy things he's done all year?"

Happy Reading!

Posted by Jane at Mozi Esmé