Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moody Fiction Giveaways

I'm still trying to get myself organized in this new year and get back to routine posting, but wanted to get this link out before it's too late:

Moody Publishers has started a new fiction books blog, and to kick things off, they are giving away books and prizes every day this week!

We missed the first two days, and I don't see one up today, but I'll be checking back later.

Blessed reading,


Jill said...

Thanks for introducing me to Moody's blog :) I won a book there today!

Christina Berry said...

Jane, thanks for posting about this! Just in case you or your readers are interested, I'll be giving away free autographed books for the life of my writing career once we get 1,000 subscribers to our infrequent, humorous newsletter. As soon as a new book comes out, I would sign it and send it off, which means the winner will get it before it hits the shelves. The details and back issues are at We only need about 130 more people ...

Jill, congrats! Which book did you win?

Jill said...

I won "The Missionary" and am looking forward to my New Read!

Thanks again :)

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