Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

Whew! Wow! While I've been busy breaking ALL my new year's resolutions, the giveaways have been piling up...

I'm still way behind in my Google Readers, so if you have a giveaway you'd like to see here, please shoot me an email (winningreadings at gmail dot com) with the permalink, and I'll get it posted.

And to all you new subscribers, I am wide open to any suggestions on making this blog more user-friendly for you...

Last but not least, just a tip (that I am in no way compensated for) on a way to speed up your giveaway entries on those blog comment forms. Check out Phrase Express: It allows you to just type in a couple of keys to fill in standard text/phrases, such as your email. Very cool when you are working through a long list of giveaways!

Here's to an awesome new year to you all!

Blessed reading,